32 important .net interview questions

32 important.net interview questions

When interviewer starts with .net basic questions then following are mostlikey asked important questions during an interview. So always prepare andrevise it when ever you go for the.net interview

Normally the .net interviewer starts with…..

What is an IL?

What is a CLR?

What is CTS?

What is a CLS (Common Language Specification)?

What is a Managed Code?

What is a Assembly?

What are the different types of Assembly?

What is NameSpace?

What is Difference between NameSpace and Assembly?

If you want to view an Assembly how do you go about it?

What is Manifest?

Where is version information stored of an assembly?

Is versioning applicable to private assemblies?

What is GAC?

What is the concept of strong names?

How to add and remove an assembly from GAC?

What is Delay signing?

What is garbage collection?

Can we force garbage collector to run?

What is reflection?

What are different types of JIT?

What are Value types and Reference types?

What is concept of Boxing and Unboxing ?

What is the difference between VB.NET and C#?

What is the difference between System exceptions and Application

What is CODE Access security?

What is a satellite assembly?

How to prevent my .NET DLL to be decompiled?

What is the difference between Convert.toString and .toString () method?

What is Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe)?

If we have two version of same assembly in GAC how do we make a choice?

What is CodeDom?

Really friends having answered to Dotnet interview questions and answers is one thing and answering with the proper right key word will help you to impress in front of the interviewer.


About c# and .NET Interview questions

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