25 important.net interview questions on Threading

25 important.net interview questions on Threading

This section will cover the most asked questions related to Threading during.net interview by theinterviewer so have a look on the following and do revise it when ever you gofor the .net interview

Normally the .net interviewer starts with…..

What is Multi-tasking?

What is Multi-threading?

What is a Thread?

Did VB6 support multi-threading?

Can we have multiple threads in one App domain?

Which namespace has threading?

What does Address Of operator do in background?

How can you reference current thread of the method?

What is Thread.Sleep () in threading?

How can we make a thread sleep for infinite period?

What is Suspend and Resume in Threading?

What the way to stop a long running thread?

How do I debug thread?

What is Thread.Join () in threading?

What are Daemon threads and How can a thread be created as Daemon?

How is shared data managed in threading?

Can we use events with threading?

How can we know a state of a thread?

What is use of interlocked class?

What is a monitor object?

What are wait handles?

What is ManualResetEvent and AutoResetEvent?

What is Reader Writer Locks?

How can you avoid deadlock in threading?

What is the difference between thread and process?

So friends answering to above question on Threading of Dotnet interview questions and answers helped me to clear topic on threading in front of the interviewer.


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