29 important .net interview questions on Remoting and Webservices

29 important.net interview questions on Remoting and Webservices

This section will cover the most asked questions related to Remoting and Webservices during .net interview by the
interviewer so have a look on the following and do revise it when ever you go for the .net interview

Normally the .net interviewer starts with….

What is an application domain?

What is .NET Remoting?

Which class does the remote object has to inherit?

What are two different types of remote object creation mode in .NET?

Describe in detail Basic of SAO architecture of Remoting?

What are the situations you will use singleton architecture in remoting?

What is fundamental of published or precreated objects in Remoting?

What are the ways in which client can create object on server in CAO model?

Are CAO stateful in nature?

To create objects in CAO with ‘new’ keyword and what should be done?

Is it a good design practice to distribute the implementation to Remoting Client?

What are LeaseTime, SponsorshipTime, RenewonCallTime and LeaseManagerPollTime?

Which config file has all the supported channels/protocol

How can you specify remoting parameters using Config files?

Can Non-Default constructors be used with Single Call SAO?

How can we call methods in remoting asynchronously?

What is Asynchronous One-Way Calls?

What is marshalling and What are different kinds of marshalling?

What is ObjRef object in remoting?

What is a Web Service?

What is UDDI?

What is DISCO?

What is WSDL?

What the different phase/steps of acquiring a proxy object in Web service?

What the different phase/steps of acquiring a proxy object in Web service?

What is file extension of Web services?

Which attribute is used in order that the method can be used as WebService?

What are the steps to create a web service and consume it?

Do webservice have state?

So friends answering to above question on Remoting and Webservices of Dotnet interview questions and answers helped me to clear interview in front of the interviewer.


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