40 important .net interview questions on Fundamentals

40 important.net interview questions on Fundamentals

This section will cover the most asked questions related to Fundamentals during .net interview by the interviewer so have a look on the following and do revise .net interview questions
when ever you go for the interview

Normally the .net interviewer starts with…..

How can we achieve inheritance in VB.NET?

What are abstract classes?

What is a Interface?

What is difference between abstract classes and interfaces?

What is a delegate?

What are Events?

Do events have return type?

Can events have access modifiers?

Can we have shared events?

What is shadowing?

What is the difference between Shadowing and Overriding?

What is the difference between delegate and events?

If we inherit a class do the private variables also get inherited?

What is the different accessibility levels defined in .NET?

Can you prevent a class from overriding?

What is the use of “Must inherit” keyword in VB.NET?

Do interface have accessibility modifier?

What are similarities between Class and structure?

What is the difference between Class and structure’s?

What does virtual keyword mean?

What are shared (VB.NET)/Static(C#) variables?

What is Dispose method in .NET?

What is the use of “Overrides” and “Overridable” keywords?

Where are all .NET Collection classes located?

What is ArrayList?

What is a HashTable?

What are queues and stacks?

What is ENUM?

What is nested Classes?

What is Operator overloading in .NET?

For the below code which constructor will fire first?

What is the significance of Finalize method in .NET?

How can we suppress a finalize method?

What is the use of DISPOSE method?

How do I force the Dispose method to be called automatically, as clients can forget to call Dispose method?

In what instances you will declare a constructor to be private?

Can we have different access modifiers on get/set methods of a property ?

If we write a goto or a return statement in try and catch block will the finally block execute?

What is Indexer?

Can we have static indexer in C#?

Can two catch blocks be executed?

What is the difference between System.String and System.StringBuilder classes?

So friends answering to above question on Fundamentals of
Most asked Dotnet interview questions will help to clear interview in front of the interviewer.


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