21 important SQL Server interview questionson .NET integration – Part 1

21 important SQL Server interview questionson .NET integration – Part 1

This section is Part 1 and it will cover the most asked SQL Server interview questions by the interviewer so have a look on the following and do revise it when ever you go for the SQL Server interview

Normally SQL Server interview starts with…..

What are steps to load a .NET code in SQL SERVER 2005?

How can we drop an assembly from SQL SERVER?

Are changes made to assembly updated automatically in database?

Why do we need to drop assembly for updating changes?

How to see assemblies loaded in SQL Server?

I want to see which files are linked with which assemblies?

Does .NET CLR and SQL SERVER run in different process?

Does .NET controls SQL SERVER or is it vice-versa?

Is SQL CLR configured by default?

How to configure CLR for SQL SERVER?

Is .NET feature loaded by default in SQL Server?

How does SQL Server control .NET run-time?

In previous versions of .NET it was done via COM interface “ICorRuntimeHost”?

In .NET 2.0 it is done by “ICLRRuntimeHost”?

What is a “SAND BOX” in SQL Server 2005?

What is an application domain?

How is .NET Appdomain allocated in SQL SERVER 2005?

What is Syntax for creating a new assembly in SQL Server 2005?

Do Assemblies loaded in database need actual .NET DLL?

You have an assembly, which is dependent on other assemblies; will SQL Server load the dependent assemblies?

Does SQL Server handle unmanaged resources?


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