.NET Interview question :- What coding standards did you followed your projects ?

.NET Interview question :- What coding standards did you followed your projects ?

Answer: This is a very general .NET interview question.Normally properly planned companies have a checklist of what kind of naming convention to follow. In .NET interview its very difficult to speak about the whole checklist as we have limited time.The expectation of the interviewer is that you should speak about
pascal,camel and hungarian naming conventions and where did you use what. So below goes a short answer.Our organization had a naming convention document which was supposed to be followed by all projects in the organization. As per the document we where using three types of naming conventions across the project :- Pascal , Camel and Hungarian.

All class names , function names , method names , namespace names where using pascal convention. i.e. the first letter capital with every first word capital.ex CustomerCode

All variables , input/output variable , local variables , class level
variable , global variables where using Camel notation. i.e. the first
letter small and then the first letter of the subsequent words capital.ex count , customerData

For the UI object we where using hungarian notation. In this the prefix defines the datatypes i.e. txtCode , cmbCountries.

For database we used Hungarian notation where the prefix defines the data base object types. i.e. tblCustomer , uspSelectCustomer, fngetValue,trgInsert.


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