.NET interview questions :- Can you explain architecture of your project ?

.NET interview questions :- Can you explain architecture of your project ?


This is normally the first.NET interview question which pops up in .NET and C#
. Personally i think your full  .NET interview ahead depends on how you will answer this question.

Common mistakes :- Many developers make a common mistake of answering this question by saying that we have used C# , SQL server , ASP.NET etc. But please do note that the question is, what is the architecture of your project and not technology.

So a typical answer will be something as below. Please note your answer will vary as per your architecture and structure.

“My current architecture is a simple 3 tier architecture with UI in ASP.NET , middle layer are simple .NET classes and DAL is using enterprise application blocks.

The UI  is responsible to take user inputs , all my business validations are centrally located in middle layer and the data access layer is responsible to execute stored procedured and SQL queries to SQL Server.

Strongly typed business objects are used to pass data from one layer to
other layer. The database of the project is in a 3rd normal form.”

So first start with the overall architecture , talk about each layer , how data
is passed between each layer and the database design structure.

One very important tip if you can draw a diagram and explain….I think you have
the job.

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