State most important SharePoint 2010 interview questions

Question: -What is SharePoint?

Answer: – SharePoint 2010 is a platform where user can share Data, Collaborate and people can also take this platform and customized platform as per their requirements.

Question: – What are the two different products in SharePoint 2010?

Answer: – SharePoint 2010 has basically two different products namely SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010.

SharePoint Foundation 2010 is basically a free version.
SharePoint Server 2010 is basically a paid version.

Question: -How to create a simple Website in SharePoint 2010?

Answer: – In order to create a Website in SharePoint 2010, we need to use SharePoint 2010 Central Administration tool. As soon as you click on SharePoint 2010 Central Administration tool it will ask for credential do put your credential and you will directed to the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration screen. Now from the Application Management screen click on Manage web applications, as soon as you click on Manage web applications a new window will
open, now from the top most left of the screen click on New menu, again a new window will pop-up of Create New Web Application which enables you to create new web application.

Question: – How to create Users and Allocates permissions to the Users?

Answer: -Permission management is a three steps process as follows.

Step1: -Create Users.

Step2: – Create Permissions.

Step3: – Link the Users with the Permissions.

In order to create a User’s and Allocate permissions Click on Site Actions located on the top link bar and then click on Site Permissions.Now, under the Edit tab, click on Grant Permissions. Later, In the Users/group field, enter the user’s name, choose the permissions you wish the user to have under Give Permission, and then click on OK.

Question: – How tocreate or deploy Web parts in SharePoint 2010?

Answer: -Web part: – It is a reusable functionality, which can be inserted on the web pages and can be configured by the end users. In order to create a web part, go to Visual Studio and create a new project > select SharePoint tab > select Visual Web Part > select on which local web site you want to deploy the web part > click on Validate and Click finish.

Now, in order to deploy the project just go to > Solution Explorer > select your project > Right click on it > just select deploy.

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