SQL Server interview questions: – What are the essential components of SQL Server Service broker?

An SQL Server interview questions asked in the interview. So do read the following answer before going for an interview.

Following are the essential components of SQL Server:-

  • End-Points

The endpoints can be two applications running on different servers or instances, or they can be two applications running on the same server.

  • Message

A message is an entity that is exchanged between Server Brokers. A message must have a name and data type. Optionally, a message can have a validation on that type of data. A message is part of a conversation and it has a unique identifier as well as a unique sequence number to enforce message ordering.

  • Dialog

Dialog ensure messages to be read in the same order as they where put in to queue between endpoints. In short, it ensures proper ordered sequence of events at both ends for a message.

  • Conversation Group

Conversation Group is a logical grouping of Dialog. To complete a task you can need one or more dialog. For instance an online payment gateway can have two Dialog’s first is the “Address Check” and second is the “Credit Card Number” validation, these both dialog form your complete “Payment process”. So you can group both the dialogs in one Conversation Group.

  • Message Transport

Message transport defines how the messages will be send across networks. Message transport is based on TCP/IP and FTP. There are two basic protocols “Binary Adjacent Broker Protocol” which is like TCP/IP and “Dialog Protocol” which like FTP.

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