SQL Server interview questions: -Can you explain architecture of SSIS (SQL Server integration services)?

The complete SSIS architecture comprises of 8 components.

Data flow task: – It defines source, mapping and transformation. It defines the core ETL process.

Control flow task: – This section helps to define logic and invoke task like data flow tasks, send email task, web service task etc.

Package: – It’s a collection of control flow tasks. It’s the unit of work which is retrieved, executed and saved.

Client: – SSIS system can be connected via various clients like SSIS designer which comes with BI IDE, custom applications, SSIS wizard etc. These clients use the object model to communicate with the SSIS system.

Connection manager and data sources: – They help us to define connection objects with data sources which can be reused in data flow task.

DTSX files, MSDB and Integration service: – The complete package can be stored in DTSX files or database. These packages can later be connected and invoked using integration service which runs at the background as windows services.

Event handlers: – When you run any SSIS package you would like to trap various events like OnError,OnPostExecute,OnPreExecuteetc to run certain logic like logging in to database , send emails etc.


In case you are fresher to SSIS, SSAS and SSRS you can start seeing our following video step by step

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