C# interview questions with answers on postfix and prefix: – i++ vs ++i Continuous

i++ :- In this scenario first the value is assigned and then increment happens. In the below code snippet first the value of “i” is assigned to “j” and then “i” is incremented.


++i :- In this scenario first the increment is done and then value is assigned. In the below code snippet value of “j” is 2 and value of “i” is also 2.

If you visualize in a pictorial manner below is how it looks like. So i++ is a post fix , it first assigns and then increments. While ++i is a prefix, it first increments and then assigns the value.


Below are some sample code where postfix and prefix fits in.

while (i < 5) //evaluates conditional statement
//some logic
++i; //increments i

while (i++ < 5) //evaluates conditional statement with i value before increment
//some logic

int i = 0;
int[] MyArray = new int[2];
MyArray[i++] = 1234; //sets array at index 0 to ‘1234’ and i is incremented
MyArray[i] = 5678; //sets array at index 1 to ‘5678’
int temp = MyArray[–i]; //temp is 1234 

Also see the following c# interview questions video on i++ vs ++i (postfix and prefix).


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