3 Jquery interview questions with answers on onload,bind,live and hold ready

What is the difference between $(document).ready and window.onload function?

One difference is window.onLoad is a Javascript function whereas $(document).ready is a jQuery function.
In order to understand the main difference let’s talk about a scenario.
We have a web page which contains some Html input contents and some very large images.
In this case $(document).ready loaded after that Dom is loaded without waiting for all the contents get loaded whereas window.onload function waits until contents of the page is loaded.

What is the difference between jQuery.bind and jQuery.live ?

The bind() method will not attach events to only current elements. In shortevents will not be attached to those elements which are added after DOM is loaded while live()methods attach events to the future elements also.

What is jQuery.holdReady() ?

Let’s say we are using some jQuery plugins in our application and we want that ready function will not execute until plugin completes loads.
jQuery.holdReady() function let us hold or release the execution of jQuery’s ready event. We delay the ready event by calling holdReady function passing true as the parameter and release it by calling same function with false parameter.

$.getScript(“MyPlugin.js”, function() {

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