Can you explain class and object in real time scenario? ( C# and .NET OOP Interview questions with answers)

Everything around us in an object.
You, me, this table, that phone, laptop in front of us etc… All are examples of objects.
All the real world thing are objects which

  • Has some states – example color, width , height, remaining life, No of wheels.
  • Exhibits some behavior – example create,destroy, Start dancing, Start running.

Ok If this is the object then what is the class?
Class is something which we use as template or in real world speaking it’s the reference which we use and create one or more objects.

If the Laptop which is in front of us is object then while creating this hardcode laptop, its engineer might have considered some designs. That design was a class.

As an author when anyone writes any book, First he writes them in Word document(or any other tool). We can call that word document (.docx or .doc file) as class. Later on lacks of hard copy books are printed from that doc file. We call these books as Objects,



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