What is the difference Class and Object? OOP Interview questions

  • Class is a template or blueprint from which we build one or more objects.Whereas object is an instance of class.
  • Object is an impression of real word entities whereas class is a fictional thing on which real world entities will be based.
  • Example
           o    If Computer is a class then computer in front of you is object.
           o    Let’s say I draw a diagram of a house and workers use them tobuild concrete house. In              Object oriented world we call that diagram as class and concrete house as object.

public class Student
             public string CustomerName{get;set;}

Student student1=new Student();

The above question is taken from the book .NET Interview questions with answers published by Bpb publication http://www.flipkart.com/net-interview-questions-6th/p/itmdyuqzdqx8cvqx

Below is a nice .NET OOP Interview question video which talks about differences between abstraction and encapsulation.


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