What is the difference between .Net,C#, Asp.net, Asp.net Web Forms and Asp.net MVC and MVC?( C# and ASP.NET Interview questions)

Many times you may face this question during c# and ASP.NET interviews. The intent of this question is testing your understanding level towards technology and area where you are working.

First of all .Net framework
It’s a platform which allow us to develop, build and deploy various types of .net applications like Web applications, Windows applications, WCF application etc. It is just collection of tools, utilities, compilers and some reusable libraries which help us to develop applications more easily and efficiently.

We use English language and record videos using some tools. These tools have some great features which not only improves quality but also let us customize it as per our requirement.
In similar fashion we use c# language to write program which will do some specific action. While writing we use the BCL (Base class library) in the.net framework for some common functionality and compilers at the end compiles the code we wrote into IL code which later converted to Machine code by JIT (also part of .net framework).

It’s a technology where we use one of .net compliant programming languages like (C#,Vb.netetc) and create Web based applications.

Asp.Net Web Forms and Asp.net MVC
These are the two flavors of Asp.net. Microsoft initially introduced Asp.net Web Forms and brought of visual and event driven world in Web. It had some limitations with regards to unit testing some more. To overcome those limitations they introduced another Asp.net technology called Asp.net MVC. Both technology is using Asp.net as base technology and both have their own significance and disadvantages. For detail click here.

Asp.net MVC and MVC
MVC is an architectural pattern which is there from long time and many technologies like Java, ROR are using them. While developing Asp.net MVC framework used MVC as the base architecture just to bring up the consistency.

Hope this was informative to you. Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to leave your comments

Below is a nice ASP.NET Master pages Interview question video.


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