4 most asked SQL queries during SQL Serverinterview’s

Find second highest from a SQL Server table

Watch this youtube video which discusses about the same


How to delete top three rows from a table.

Following query is expected to be working.
             Delete top 3 From MyTable
But it will not, rather it will generate error.Correct query will be
             Delete top (3) from MyTable

Get Top 4 From Every group

Selectm * from
             Select *,row_number () over (partition by Grouping_Column1, Grouping_Column2,
Grouping_Column3 order by OrderByColumn desc) RankId from MyTable
) as T
Where T.RankID<=3

Create Exact replica of a table (Make sure rows will not get copied)

Select top 0* into NewTable from OldTable

Read a record randomly using SQL

Select top 1 * from Mytable using newID()

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