ASP.NET interview questions with answers on session management

In case you are new to ASP.NET session management please see this video which explain why we need sessions in ASP.NET.

What are the problem we may face when it comes to state server session state management?
Biggest problem with state server is single point failure. Single point failure is a potential risk where one fault or malfunction causes entire system stop working. In state server there is a chance where session server

  • become unstable with large amount of sessions
  • got crashed because of environmental factors.

What solution we can implement to minimize this problem? Session State Partitioning.
Using this mechanism we make sessionA to redirect to State Server A and SessionB To redirect to State Server B.

What need to be done for that?

  1. Create a class inherit it from IPartitionResolver and override ResolvePartition method where we will resturn state connection string based on session id (obtained as parameter of Resolve Partition method).
  2.  In Web.config set SessionState as StateServer and set partitionResolverType to your class. (no need to set StateConnectionString)



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