Can you compare String.IsNullOrEmpty vs String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace ? ( .Net Interview questions with answers)

String.IsNullOrEmpty is used to check whether the string is null or empty.
Its equivalent to following code,
bool result=(stringVariable==null || stringVariable==string.Empty)

Let’s check what output we get with this function
      1)  String s1=null;
           String.IsNullOrEmpty(s1) true
     2)  String s2= “”;
     3)  String s3= “Sukesh Marla”;
     4)  String s4= “ “;

Now let’s talk about string. IsNullOrWhiteSpace method. In simple words IsNullOrWhiteSpace= IsNullOrEmpty+CheckWhetherStringContainOnlyWhiteSpaces.

Let’s check what output we get with this function
      1)  String s1=null;

           String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace (s1)true
      2)  String s2= “”;
           String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace (s2)true
      3)  String s3= “Sukesh Marla”;
           String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace (s3)false
      4)  String s4= “ “;
           String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace (s1)true

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You can also watch the below wonderful video from which answers one more most asked .NET interview question ( String vs StringBuffer )


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