HR interview questions: – Tell me something about yourself ?

This is the very first question everybody face in the interview. One reason for such kind of question is Interviewer is running out of questions and so he wants to get some time to recollect some questions.
But the most obvious reason is he wants to know something about candidate. Something!!!?Lets understand what is that something?

Golden rule which you should follow before you start answering this question is

“Don’t make interviewer boor”

Sometime candidate start briefing themselves but never ends. Your explanation should be precise and most importantly interesting. Do you think that interviewer is really interested in knowing about your family, your hobbies etc. No, he will be more on interested knowing about you, knowing about something which is going to affect company work because of you. Your attitude, your knowledge, your technical skills, Your Experience etc.

Hence your answer should also explain the same.

  • Basically start with your educational background in very short words
  • Example – My Name is ABC and I am a BSC comp sci graduate
  • your total experience
  • From where you started your career, what was next and next.
  • Current organization
  • Current role (only designation)
  • Next thing you will ask a question “If you want to know more about my work profile then please let me know”.

Note: Try to understand what he is expecting from you. Don’t go and explain each and everything. If you don’t know what he is looking for, ask him.
If he say yes,

o   Start explaining your current role

  • What are your responsibilities?
  • Whom you report?
  • How many people you manage (if any)?
  • What is the way of communication between various team members like direct talk, some diagrams?

o   Explain your project

  • What exactly is project?
  • Which is the technology?
  • In which module of project you’re working on?

o   Company process

  • How you came to know what you need to do?
  • What are the steps you need to follow in order to complete a single task (might be a development task or management task)

Note: Please make sure to ask him at the end “Sir, if you want to ask anything else about my job profile or project please let me know” and then answer accordingly.

  • Next thing you will say “Now the last, as per my family background is concerned we are N member in family and my father is so and so, mother is and so….”.  (only a single sentence)

See following video on C# (Csharp)/.NET interview mock-up


About c# and .NET Interview questions

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