What is SOA and what is WCF? ( WCF interview questions with answers)

SOA or service oriented architecture is an architectural style for building applications by means of services communicating via messages.

When we talk about SOA two terminologies which we came across are Services which are logical encapsulation of self-contained business functionality and Messages which are standard formats which every service can read and understand.

In Service oriented architecture services are written in such a way that

  • They are independent of each other – changes in one service will not affect other service.
  • They are self-contained – it will encapsulate one business logic, caller is not required to worry about anything.
  • They are self-descriptive – they should be able to answer, what it does? In simple words what operations it has, what data types it will accept and what it will return.
  • Anyone can search for it. For that it will be published into a location.
  • They can communicate with each other asynchronously.
  • They should support reliable messaging.
  • They should support reliable messaging.

What is WCF?

  • WCF is Microsoft’s platform for building SOA based applications.
  • It’s a unification of .Net remoting, COM+, MSMQ and Web services.
  • It is evolved from Microsoft web services and supports specifications defined by ws-* specifications.

Ws-* specifications are simply set of specifications defined together by IBM, Microsoft, Sun and many other big companies so that they can expose their services via common protocol.

Below is a nice article written by www.questpond.com folks on DataContractSerializer vs XmlSerializer .



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