SQL Server MSBI Interview questions

In case you are new to MSBI you start with this video

Can you explain what exactly Data Warehouse is?

As the name implies its warehouse for our data. It’s a central location where all our data will be stored.

How Data stored in Data Warehoused is different from the one we store in other places?

  1. Data warehouse contains data retrieved from multiple locations.
  2. Data is stored in Denormalized manner.

Why Denormalized?

Denormalized database makes performance of select query better by removing/reducing the joins required. Thus it’s a good option for reporting.

What is BI?

BI convert our data into information which we can use for making decisions.

What is MSBI?

Its Microsoft’s platform for working with BI. It let us create various kind of projects like SSIS, SSAS and SSRS.

What is the difference between SSIS, SSAS and SSRS?

SSIS let us collect data from multiple sources and dump into one central repository.
SSAS let us analyze the collected data and finally SSRS let us show the amazed data to end user in more attractive way. (In terms of graphics, carts etc.

What is ETL?

SSIS basically performs ETL that is Extraction (Collect data from other sources), Transformation(Convert collecteddata based to a different format based on requirement) and Load (load converted data to central location).

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