.NET interview questions: – What is JavaScript object? Can you show the small example of JavaScript object? Is it same as JSON?

Javascript and JSON is the hottest and current favorite .NET interview questions of interviewer to ask during interview. So here we have bought in some quick questions to refer.

Explain JavaScript object?

It’s a variable which stores collection of variables and methods. It’s not an array.
It won’t contain values, rather it contains variables inside it which can be assigned with some value or can be retrieved.

Can you show the small example of JavaScript object?

var Customer={CustomerName:’Sukesh’,Address:’Mumbai’};
Customer.CustomerName=’Sukesh Marla’;

Is it same as JSON?

No, JSON is data exchange format. In JSON data is represented in a format which looks like JavaScript object that’s why JSON is termed as JSON(JavaScript object notation).When we refer JSON as the data exchange format (between two entities) it becomes easy for JavaScript to working with data because JSON data can be easily parsed to Javascript Object.

Example: –

var customerJsonString=”{CustomerName:’Sukesh’,Address:’Mumbai’}”;
var Customer =JSON.parse(customerJsonString);

Hope you enjoyed reading this and learned something new. Your comments and votes are always welcome.

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