WCF interview questions: – What exactly do you mean by Single in WCF instancing? How to set and what is by default set value of instance context mode?

When we specify Instance context mode of our WCF service as single, it makes only one instance context object is used for all incoming request. It works like this,

  1. When the very first request is made, object will be created and will be never destroyed.
  2. For all further requests same object will be reused.

One of the biggest problems with this mode is, if exception/errors are wont handled properly; one service call failure may affect other calls as well.

How to set instance context mode?

We have to set it above the service class using Service behavior attribute.

[ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode = InstanceContextMode.Single)]
public class MyService : IMyService

What is the by default Instance Context Mode?

By default, it is set as Per Call.

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