.NET OOPS interview questions: – What is OOP? What are different properties provided by Object-oriented systems?

OOP is software designing technique where we think in terms of real world objects.

Different properties provided by Object-oriented systems: –

Following are characteristics of Object Oriented System’s:-


Abstraction means show only what is necessary. Example color is abstracted to RGB. By just making the combination of these three colors we can achieve any color in world. So rather than remembering each and every color we just use RGB.


It is a process of hiding all the complex processing from the outside world and make’s your objects simple.


This concept helps to define parent child relationship between classes.


It’s a property of object to act differently under different conditions. For instance a simple user object depending on conditions can act like a admin or like data entry object.

Remember the word APIE (Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance and Encapsulation).

Also see .NET OOPS interview questions video on difference between Abstraction and Encapsulation: –


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