QuestPond’s Interview Questions & Answers on ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller)

Why MVC (Model View Controller) is loosely coupled?

In order to answer this question, first let’s understand what’s the difference between loosely coupling and tightly coupling is.

Look at the following pic.


When we talk about human body, body parts are tightly coupled to each other. We cannot simply replace hand with some other hand or a leg with some other leg. This is called tightly coupling.
When we talk about computer most of the parts are loosely coupled. Take the RAM out put a new one, same with display, keypad etc. This is called loosely coupling.

In Web Forms User interaction logic is handled inside CodeBehind where as in MVC it’s handled inside Controller. Now if we compare Web form Codebehind with MVC Controller biggest difference is, CodeBehind is tightly coupled with view where as controller wont tightly connected to any view.
Single controller can work with more than one view and similarly one view may contain references for more than one controller in form or anchor tag.


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