QuestPond: Interview Questions and Answers on learning WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)

What is WCF and how it is different?

WCF is Microsoft’s platform for building SOA based applications.

With Microsoft web services building SOA based application was trouble. Webservices won’t support all WS-* specifications. 

In Microsoft world,

WCF is a unification of Webservices, Remoting and Com+.
A platform independent mechanism but supports transaction, multiple protocols, and other features specified by ws-* specification.

What is mean by WS-* specification?

WS-* specification are standards and specifications defined for web services. It has many specification like WS-security – which will describes how security will be handled with SOAP messages, 

WS-transaction – how multiple services work in transaction etc.

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See following video on consuming service using WCF (Windows Communication Foundation): –


Click and see here for step by steps to learn WCF(Windows Communication Foundation).


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