QuestPond: Interview Questions and Answers on learning ADO.NET

Explain in detail the fundamental of connection pooling?

When a connection is opened first time, a connection pool is created and is based on the exact match of the connection string given to create the connection object. Connection pooling only works if the connection string is the same. If the connection string is different, then a new connection will be opened, and connection pooling will not be used.

Untitled  Figure: – Connection pooling in action

Let us try to explain the same pictorially. In the above figure, you can see there are three requests “Request1”, “Request2”, and “Request3”. “Request1” and “Request3” have same connection string so no new connection object is created for “Request3” as the connection string is same. They share the same object “ConObject1”. However, new object “ConObject2” is created for “Request2” as the connection string is different.

Note: - The difference between the connection string is that one 
has “User id=sa” and other has “User id=Testing”.

What is Maximum Pool Size in ADO.NET Connection String?

Maximum pool size decides the maximum number of connection objects to be pooled. Ifthe maximum pool size is reached and there is no usable connection available the requestis queued until connections are released back in to pool. So it’s always a good habit tocall the close or dispose method of the connection as soon as you have finishedwork with the connection object.

How to enable and disable connection pooling?

For .NET it is enabled by default but if you want to just make yourself double sure, set Pooling=true inthe connection string. To disable connection pooling set Pooling=false in connectionstring if it is an ADO.NET Connection. 

If it is an OLEDBConnection object set OLEDB Services=-4 in the connection string.

See following video on ADO.NET Connection pooling: –


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